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Affinití's debut studio album 'Struck by Affinití' was launched in Dublin on 8th November. It will be released on iTunes in the New Year but if you'd like to get a copy of it, you can purchase one here! This album features new arrangements of Rock and Pop songs in Affinití's unique classical/celtic style.

The month of February 2020 is Struck by Affiniti month so below is a special of


  1. One Day Like This - Elbow
  2. Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard
  3. Tango de Roxanne - Sting
  4. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  5. All of Me - John Legend
  6. My Immortal - Amy Lee, Evanescence
  7. Rolling in the Deep - Adele
  8. Stay - Shakespeare's Sister
  9. Firework - Katy Perry
  10. Dream On - Aerosmith
  11. The Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice
  12. Titanium - David Guetta


Prefer digital? Buy it NOW on Apple Music.

Struck by Affiniti Album

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